Jeanine Fetz Dipl Interpreter-310

Dipl. Dol. Jeanine Fétz

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Video conferencing, online meetings and web events are a real asset for SMEs as well as international companies and their participants, even despite the current Covid 19 situation. With the use of online interpreters, you remain in contact with customers and business partners.

With online interpreting, we also enable you to communicate smoothly with business partners and customers, efficiently, promptly and professionally. In addition to their specialist knowledge, our qualified interpreters bring technical expertise and the prerequisites for setting up and handling the latest video and online platforms. And of course we also interpret for you on site. Our colleagues are hand-picked, always the right voice for the right job.

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WordCompany only uses online interpreters with industry knowledge. A deep understanding of your industry is a prerequisite for us. Check out our industry knowledge:

These industries rely on us:

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    Good reasons for online interpreters from WordCompany

    • Training

      All WordCompany interpreters have been trained at top German institutions.

    • Industry knowledge

      WordCompany interpreters are only used in sectors with which they are familiar.

    • Native speaker

      Our interpreters are hand-picked and often native speakers.

    • Further education

      WordCompany interpreters regularly take part in further training.

    • Interpreting techniques

      We offer simultaneous interpreting, whispered interpreting, accompanying and consecutive interpreting.

    • Rental technology

      At WordCompany you can rent everything from PFA to mobile Dolmestcher booths,

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